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My love of graphic design began while serving in the Air Force. I began my educational journey by earning my associate’s degree in photography with a minor in graphic design ~ both of which was before the computer age. As a result, I worked with rubylith, created films of my ads or magazine pages.

I also worked as the Director of Photography for Topp Quark Productions out of Carmel, CA, creating documentaries for Regional Occupational Program (ROP), creating storyboards, hiring high school students and directed their photo shoots within the local businesses. I also taught and served as a judge to local high schools’ photography departments for their photography competitions. I was also invited by California State University, Monterey Bay to speak to an Entrepreneurial class.

Other design work included working for: Desert Entertainer, Desert Mobile Home News, PrimeTime, Green & White Sheet (Desert Ads), Jones-Bartlett Publishing, Wadsworth Publishing, Brooks-Cole Publishing, Thomson-Learning and more.


My love for designing websites began after serving in the United States Army as a computer programmer where I studied COBALT programming. After the service, I started my educational journey, focusing on a computer science degree as I had already worked with both the PC and Macintosh and fell in love with computers. I also discovered and learned html, and played with java script. My first design that included java script was for the Java Coffee House. Nothing much… I just created the scrollbars to be transluscent so as you scrolled, you only saw the website.

I attended my first computer class and unfortunately, walked out before it was over. For an hour, we learned how to turn on our computers. I had already been teaching computer programs, so took my education and my career path into a different direction with no regrets. I started designing using straight html coding and using editors such as Front Page, Netscape and Dreamweaver before Dreamweaver became a product associated with Adobe. Have fun – check it out and don’t hesitate to contact me if you need a website!


Since 1984, I have served in the following capacities of photography:

Director of Photography:
Top Quark Productions and The Photographer’s Window

Photo Editor:
Wadsworth Publishing, Brooks-Cole Publishing, Thomson Learning, Jones & Bartlett Publishing, McMillan Publishing

Photo Researcher:
Wadsworth Publishing, Brooks-Cole Publishing, Thomson Learning, Jones & Bartlett Publishing, McMillan Publishing, CTB/McGraw-Hill School Systems

Works included within several coffee table books, college-level textbooks and photography books

Awards & Exhibitions:
Received first place awards in jurored contests in local fairs and events. Exhibitioned in Texas, California and Pittsburgh

Book Reviewer: Pearson Publishing, Sage Publishing

Teaching the graphic arts such as Digital Imaging, Visual Communications, Print Production, Illustration (beginning and advanced), Web Design, InDesign, Page Layout (InDesign and Quark), Adobe Bridge, Lightroom 3, Business of Graphic Design, Adobe Connect, Acrobat and more.


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