Advertising & Spec Ads

As a graphic designer, my experience includes creating ads “just for the heck of it”, which are called, “Spec Ads”. A business would approach me and not being sure what they wanted for an ad, several brainstorming sessions were done with thumbnails, stickees and post-it notes with ideas drawn or written down.

The great part was being able to “listen” to someone. This could be a random stranger sitting in a restaurant, perhaps within the booth or table near me. All it would take for inspiration was, one word or one phrase to spark an idea.

Creating ads is a passion of mine and something I do in my spare time from teaching, shooting photography, editing, researching or designing online courses. Though I love and have a passion for all these elements – creating ads allows me to be creative and be stress free!

I am always available as a freelancer or contractor to create ads for your needs whether it should be for a poster, magazine, newspaper, billboard, business card, textbook, ancillary materials or a website.

All you need to do is pick up that phone right now and call me so we can talk about what it is you need!


************** Enjoy the samples posted **********************

One area for advertising and spec ads that never fail is to show thanks and appreciation to those who suffer daily for us and our country. When I create an ad for a military event and when I create a spec ad to post on Facebook, the numbers of likes and shares increase tremendously from those everyday, feel good ads.


Education holds no boundaries when it involves teaching. This ad comes in the form of history and being able to design a piece for a special occasion or magazine or newspaper can inspire or reach someone who was unaware of the person or event involved. With this poster came the celebration of Martin Luther King’s birthday as we celebrated and celebrate today, all that he has inspired for Civil Rights.


Education is something that is near and dear to my heart and having the ability to mentor those from the younger generations is absolutely inspiring. This ad was created for an educational firm specializing in teaching the young. How could I show the importance of education and our children? Online schools enable students from around the world to connect within one classroom. The ability to teach and watch students grow as individuals and watch them build on their passion is amazing.


This ad was a result of a conference within a convention center. Again, this was designed to reflect the motif of the conference center and the conference itself. With the conference being heavy laden with speeches and intense classes, this ad was ordered by several to be recreated on coasters, posters and advertisings with a few changes here and there.

Coffee Saturday

National Coffee Day is a great way to promote my own brand and advertising for my company. Within the Portland and surrounding areas, companies provide free coffee and discounted coffee for this special day.

National Coffee Day

This image was created for a self-care company who needed something that reflected both; their love of cats and elegance. Using Photoshop allowed me to blend, merge and colorize images to create a small ad that was turned into an image and now hangs on a wall.


This ad was created because of it being Friday and wanting to lift the spirits within a company and start their work day on a positive attitude and a great note – or cup of coffee!

Coffee Friday


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